The start of the process…

Often Anxiety and Stress can hold us back from taking the first step to obtaining some help. We can tell ourselves that we should be stronger, less worried and able to cope! We can become Anxious about being Anxious!
CBT will start to work in changing your unhelpful thinking by exploring how your thoughts materialise and then teach you some strategies to change to more helpful thinking. This enables my clients to feel in more control and feel more confident and happy with themselves.
They all start with feeling anxious before coming for the first time but all say once they come its the start of their new, better and more comfortable future.
CBT can work really quickly, sometimes in just 6 sessions. If problems are more deep rooted it can take much longer. In terms of other talking therapies it’s results are the strong evidence that The NHS and Department of Health quote about regarding its impact for successful change.