Children/ Young People issues CBT can help with

The youngest child that has benefitted from learning CBT with me was 8 years old. He had worries over school and he was developing low self esteem. Through changing his unhelpful thinking he learnt how to believe in his own ability and was able to manage his own challenges.
Many young people have now learnt how to manage their fears of being overweight and develop their self esteem to see that they are as good as others.
Worry and stress also causes sleep problems that improve when these young people learn CBT.
Other fears managed have been fear of failure at school, fear of being different to others, fear of bullying, fear of not being safe at home eg burglars entering at night and fear of being ill.
These fears are worked through, normalised and explored to enable these children and young people to explore more helpful ways of looking at things. Young people are able to connect quickly and take on board these strategies. They are all individual and what they learn is unique to them.