The Effectiveness of using CBT with Children and Young People

Due to the difficulties in accessing affordable and experienced CBT therapists,Reading University ran a study of teaching parents CBT strategies to enable their children to access help. These children were suffering from varying types of Anxiety. Here is a quote from Reading University “The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, concerned the treatment of anxious children aged 7-12. Over an eight week period parents received brief weekly sessions of guidance in using CBT principles to help their child. Compared to a group who had not received any treatment, these children were three times more likely to have recovered from their anxiety.” I have seen considerable evidence to support these findings, from my own work with children and young people.

In my practice I believe in offering my service as affordable to enable children and young people to learn how to use CBT. The teaching experience I have working with children and young people has enabled me to successfully help impart CBT techniques and strategies. I have also worked with parents to empower them by teaching them how to use CBT to help their children

Recommended reading…Overcoming Your Child’s Fears and Worries: A Self-help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques: Cathy Creswell, Lucy Willetts:
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